28 August 2010

Ironing board makeover

Like a lot of sewers, I use one of Ikea's small ironing boards in the sewing room. Its compact size makes it just right for small pressing jobs. However, the covers do get dirty very quickly and I am ashamed to say that in the past when my cover had seen better days, I just bought a new board. At the ridiculously low price of about $6, it just didn't seem worth the effort to make a new cover. That was until I found this tutorial to make a cover to fit the Ikea board. It took me about 20 minutes to make, far less time than it would take to drive to Ikea, do the long walk through all the departments, stop and ogle at all the gorgeous products, queue to get through the checkout and drive home again. I used an offcut of one of The Cut Cloth fabrics. It looks great, is much better than the fabric Ikea uses and is an addition to the sewing room insted of something that I had to hide away because it was so ugly. Twenty minutes well spent. It makes the cover on my regular ironing board look a bit shabby - it might have to get the same treatment. If I use a really beautiful fabric, it might take away the pain of ironing the clothes.

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