21 August 2010

The neighbourly vest

The last time Mandy and I visited Materialise to buy fabric for the zig zag cot quilt, a little girl came in with her mum and she was wearing the cutest vest I have seen. I asked her mother if she had knitted it and, of course, she had. She told us that the pattern was available free online and so, as soon as I got home, I downloaded it and knitted it up.

When I presented it to the small one she was not very impressed, thinking it was a dress and, therefore, much too small. She was not in the mood to model it for me so I had to use the props in the back garden.

I am pleased to say that on my next visit she was in a much more receptive mood and made a great model for a great little vest.

The pattern is for an older child so I used a lower ply yarn and smaller needles and am very happy with the result, although if I was to do it again I would make it a bit longer.

Here is the link to the pattern where the pattern writer explains why she has called it the neighborly vest. I thought it was very appropriate to have discovered it at Materialise which is a very neighbourly kind of place with a lovely community atmosphere.


Marjie Russell said...

It looks so sweet - what catalogue material!! Beautiful knitter too! Well done, again.

Kids Cool Clothing said...


The vest is very nice,I have remember my childhood days. when I am small my MOM knitting me as like that..
These days was very sweet.......