18 September 2010

For our newest little flower

Already she is growing quickly so I had to finish this in a hurry before either the weather became too warm or she was too big.

The pattern came from a little book I picked up recently called Baby Knits - 50 Beautiful Patterns. They are indeed beautiful patterns, the only problem is that all the yarn used is from France and it has taken some research on the internet to find suitable alternatives. As a result what I have been knitting has been improvised, although fortunately I haven't had any disasters yet. It is a gorgeous book and I could knit everything in it (if I had time).

I love the pretty detailing around the edge of the neck. I used bamboo yarn for this little jacket and it is so soft - just perfect for delicate skin.

1 comment:

Marjie Russell said...

Just so pretty - I love the edging too. I am sure the littlest one will look so pretty in it!