09 October 2010

Goodbye winter

The roses are back and my garden is awash in a frothy foam of pink and white blooms. Nothing gives me more pleasure (in a floral sense) than being able to look at freshly picked roses in a bowl on the table.

In Melissa and Stewart's garden the bluebells are putting on a magnificent display. Nothing says spring has arrived like a patch of bluebells.

Soon it will be summer, although some would say it has arrived already with the current warm temperatures we are enjoying. I hope it doesn't come too quickly so that I can enjoy, for a little while longer, the beautiful first flush of spring roses.


Marjie said...

How pretty! What beautiful photos too. My roses are competing for the first one to bloom! Hopefully Melbourne will have Perth's temperatures soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Di!! They are so pretty. I'm sure I can smell them through the computer screen :) Loving all the little one's clothes, by the way. Your lucky, lucky girls!