28 October 2010

Having some fun

The technology gods have not been kind to me this week. My laptop (through my own stupid fault) got a virus and we decided that as it was getting old and clunky that it made sense to replace it rather than spend a lot of money to have it fixed. So we did. However since then it seems that everything I tried to do on the new laptop wouldn't work. None of my old files or pictures, which I had fortunately backed up only the previous week, would load. Software programs, including my photo editing program, would not load; a new bluetooth mouse would not talk to the computer; the list just went on and on. So after spending a week battling with recalcitrant technology, I thought it was time to have some fun.

I downloaded the ColorSplash app on to my ipod and have been having fun playing. I started in the sewing room turning pictures into black and white shots and retaining just a splash of colour.

Then I went around the house looking for more things to play with.

I always keep an apple or two on my bookcase in case I want to take a picture.

The pictures taken on the ipod are not great quality, but I think I can take pictures on my camera, load them onto the ipod and splash them with a shot of colour. But that is for another day.

In the meantime, a ward of warning. If your computer starts flashing at you and making siren noises - you probably don't have a virus as it says. Just close the webpage which has opened rather than click on the box which says remove all viruses. If, like me, you click on this box, you will have a huge problem.

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Marjie said...

Just so clever!!