21 November 2010

Busy as a bee

Sometimes, life just gets in the way of, well, life really. My absence over the last few weeks cannot be justified except to say that life has been going on, but in a somewhat frenetic manner with no, or very little time, spent at either the computer or sewing machine. And I will have to hang my head in shame on Tuesday morning when I go to my sewing group and I have nothing to produce for show and tell.

Three babies under three can keep their mothers and nana very busy, especially when one mum comes down with a tummy bug and another's husband is working overseas.

While nothing has been stitched, we have occupied our time with other things. There have been mulberries to pick and eat.

and stain our faces.

Two new cafes to be enjoyed and coffee to be drunk.

The local school fete to be visited.

And bees to be watched in the magnolia flowers.

Now husbands have returned from far away places, tummy bugs have been conquered and I am back in the sewing room. All is well with the world.


Marjie said...

So pleased to have you back too!! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Yay - you're back. Sounds like an intense few weeks punctuated by a great deal of cuteness :)