14 January 2011

I scream, u scream.....

No-one has to scream for ice-cream in this house. Quite the reverse - I am begging people to eat it. I was lucky enough to be given an ice-cream maker for Christmas and now expect to gain several kilos while I try to decide which is my favourite flavour. I started with a lemon sorbet - not strictly an ice-cream but very tart and delicious just the same and a great way to use up a lot of lemons.

Then I made a mixed berry ice-cream. Not bad, but I think I can do better.

The next, and perhaps my favourite so far, was a rich decadent chocolate ice-cream. I call it death by chocolate and I am never making it again.

I have plans for a fresh strawberry ice-cream followed by a few different flavours of frozen yoghurt.

I hope I discover my favourite soon because the amount of cream, eggs and sugar being poured into this machine is beginning to frighten me. Orders anyone?


Marjie said...

So professional looking!! Please learn how to make Italian gelato as we ate in Tuscany! Then I will be putting in orders! Love the little cups you have used too. Lucky little grandchildren to have such a clever Nonna, I mean nana!

Anonymous said...

I'll have a mango sorbet if you're still taking orders! I LOVE your photos of the icecream, the vest and the patty pans...such eye candy :)