21 July 2011

The end of the affair

I have had a life-long love affair with chocolate. Chocolate in all its forms: chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, hot chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, you name it, if it includes chocolate, I want it.

I have also been a sufferer of migraines for the last fifteen years and in a desperate attempt to isolate the cause of these I have been eliminating things from my diet which could be contributing to the suffering. It is still early days and I might be wrong, but I am devasted to say that at the moment it is looking highly likely that chocolate could be the cause. What am I to do? The house is full of it.

I still have my Easter stash.

Chocolates brought by friends when coming for dinner.

Chocolates given by lovely friends for no particular reason.

Chocolates given by lovely mothers who know their daughter's weakness.

They might all looking for a good home.

Not being able to pop one of these into my mouth while taking these pictures was sheer torture. Oh well, I guess it could be worse - it could have been coffee or wine doing the damage. At least I still have those two vices (although I sometimes wonder about the latter).

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