14 April 2012

Focaccia bread

We have had a breadmaker in the kitchen for years and, unlike a lot of kitchen equipment, it gets used regularly. John is the baker in our house and makes at least two loaves every week. I have always known that the breadmaker can be used to make dough for many types of bread, but have never used it - until now. At Easter time I used it to make the dough for a batch of sticky buns (with great success) and today I have made some focaccia.
Oh my - the whole house smells divine. Even though it is close to dinner time, I couldn't resist cutting off the end, dipping it in olive oil and devouring it. Gorgeous.
Tomorrow, I will fill it with prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, cheese and rocket and toast it for lunch - if I can wait that long.
I think the reason I don't make more breads is that the proving and the rising and all the rigmarole just seemed too hard. Using the breadmaker makes it so so easy. Move over Baker John, Baker Di is coming.


Anonymous said...

Hi Di
I love your knits - they are gorgeous. I'm planning on teaching myself to knit soon but in the interim, where would you suggest I find gorgeous knitted vests for my 1 and 3 year old? I figure you may be in the know!!!
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

PS I do live in Perth !

Di said...

I have been trying to think of somewhere you could buy vests for little ones and I really can't suggest anywhere that sells cute knits. The only suggestion I do have is that you try knit shops who may be prepared to sell their samples. Calico & Ivy in Cottesloe is a possibility and Woolly Lattes in Wembley is another. Sorry I can't be of more help but if I think of somewhere I will let you know. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Di. I'll give them a try :)
I love your blog too.