25 April 2012

Twin quilts for twin boys

The cot quilts are finished. Just like the new little boys for whom they are made, they are different but the same. Our little boys are identical, but I am sure they will have their own personalities and differences which will make them individuals in their own right. I can't help wondering if it will become obvious which boy should be given which quilt. Perhaps we should let them choose when they are old enough.
I made a cushion to go with each quilt which Melissa will use on a day bed in the nursery. I suspect that Nana might be using that day bed as a night bed on the odd occasion in the early days when it will be a case of "all hands on deck".
I have named the red quilt "Apples and Aardvarks" because there are apples and aardvarks on some of the fabrics and because it sounded catchy.
The blue quilt, is called "Spot the Cars" because it is very spotty and one of the fabrics has cars on it. Not so catchy - it is so hard to come up with original names for quilts.
They are dated May because that is when we expect them to arrive, but honestly it could be anytime now. We are all in standby mode.

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