23 September 2012

Spring garden

There is something magical about the early morning garden after a soft shower of Spring rain. I captured these flowers during the week.
I really hope we get some passionfruit this year.
Most of them are very delicate, and so, to shake things up a bit, I am including this glorious Clivea which is so colourful and bold.
And so is this little geranium.
These beautiful Geraldton Wax flowers are not from my garden. I bought them which seems like madness when they are growing wild at the side of every road, but I thought they deserved to be included because they are so beautiful and so delicate.
I am experimenting with a new camera, hence the number of photos (well I have do do something with them), but I think I have a lot to learn.

1 comment:

Marjie said...

They bare are extraordinary photos. Lovely! Make a calendar!!
xx M