11 January 2013

New year new regime

Happy New Year and welcome to my morning. In the past, walking has been my preferred form of exercise and John and I have enjoyed many brisk walks around the neighbourhood, the lake and the beach. However, recently I have not been enjoying this as much, as I was beginning to experience pain when I walked. After X-rays, and an MRI, I have been told I have severe degenerative changes in the hip. Great! With two physiotherapists in the family, I have not been short of advice (some of which I did not want to hear) and the consensus of them both is that if I can't walk then I must swim. This will help to maintain fitness as well as strengthen the joint and, hopefully, delay surgery. I have never been a great swimmer, but am prepared to do whatever it takes if it means I can postpone the surgeon's knife. So I kitted myself out with new bathers, bathing cap and goggles and took the plunge (so to speak). While I look with envy at those who power up and down the pool, I gently lower myself into the walking or the leisure lane and, after walking in the water for as far as I can stand, I put my head down and swim to the end of the pool. At first the pool attendants hovered with concerned faces as I floundered about like a whale (mixing my fishy metaphors), but I gradually seem to be getting the hang of it and can make it to the end without spluttering too much. The attendants have lost that look of alarm while they watch my pathetic attempts and I can even say I am beginning to enjoy myself. Whether or not my fitness is improving remains to be seen. The pool is surrounded by lovely trees and some mornings I can even hear the kookaburras laughing. Whoops, I have just realised what they are laughing about.

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Marjie said...

I am very proud of your efforts! I will join you for a wee (this is not supposed to be a pun!) while in Feb. but is the water heated or is this unnecessary??