11 February 2013


I have always had a fascination for things in miniature. I have a box full of tiny objects which I used to display in an old printer's tray. The printer's tray is now used for my threads in the sewing room and the box of tiny treasures provides hours of entertainment for the little ones. Although I have had small bud vases in the past, I have never had such a tiny vase as this little one, which is in three parts, and it is just perfect for displaying miniature flowers.

Tiny erigeron daisies and delicate little violets look very sweet.
Small individual hydrangea petals look so different when they are separated from the large flower head.
Even faded hydrangea petals get a new lease on life when displayed in miniature.
And, of course, me being me, I had to pop in some tiny rosebuds.
I am thrilled with this little vase. Despite its small size, it seems to catch the attention of visitors who always comment on its cuteness.

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