17 March 2013

Another birthday

We have been inundated with birthday celebrations in recent weeks.  Yesterday we had a party for Little  M who has turned five. She decided she wanted a rainbow party and as usual Mandy put on a spectacular show.   A little girl having a rainbow party needs a rainbow dress so we went shopping together and she chose this fabric.  It was not something I would have chosen if I had been on my own but, as it turned out, it was the perfect choice.  Clever girl.

The cake looked amazing.

Some fruit seemed a good idea to counter the surfeit of sugar.


The rainbow jellies looked great and tasted even better.

Such lovely little biscuits. 
A rainbow party needs a rainbow pinata.

And there was even a fairy floss machine.  I haven't eaten fairy floss since I was a child so when a stick of it was thrust into my hand, I had to try it.  (I don't think I have been missing anything!)

 The children all went home with one of these little gumball machines filled with jelly beans.

A great success. 

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Marjie said...

What a clever mummy indeed. It looks as if the birthday girl had all her dreams come true. Such a pretty dress too. Just lovely.