17 September 2013

Ugly duckling to a white swan

This chest of drawers has been in the family for many years and has had several owners. It has now come to live with me and, as it was in dire need of some TLC, it was time to get out the pot of white paint.

I was keen to try a new chalk paint I had heard about which is specifically designed for painting furniture.

It requires little or no preparation and will paint over virtually any surface. Pretty big claims, but no sanding or undercoating sounded very appealing. The only preparation I did do was to remove the old handles, fill the holes and sand them back.

Then I applied two coats of the chalk paint which is the recommended amount for good coverage. I thought it could do with a further coat so I ended up applying three coats in all and followed that up with a soft wax which gave the piece a nice sheen. The paint certainly lives up to its claims, although I do think the end result is a little patchy. However, that might just be the way I have applied the paint as all the reviews I have read about it have been full of praise and I am hoping that I am the only one who will notice this.  I added some new burnished gold handles then took it inside and prettied it up.

The edges of the piece were distressed to gave it a bit of definition and this reduced the all-white look.

All in all, I am very happy with the finished result.

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