19 October 2013

It's finished!

After two years,

a lot of embroidery

a great deal of applique

hours of quilting

backing and binding,

the Vignette Mystery Quilt is finally finished. 

Do I feel a sense of achievement? Yes I do. Would I tackle such an ambitious project again? Probably not. In fact, I think my next quilt will be very simple in comparison.


Marjie said...

Dee and I think it is just beautiful and a wonderful achievement. Clever, clever you.

Heldasland said...

Wow, that is some project .you must be smiling every time you look at it, I know I would it is stunning.

Gillian said...

Oh my word, this is amazing! It's stunning, there is such a lot of detail and work in there. I love the embroidery, and the colours. You must feel such a sense of achievement.

Gillian x