26 November 2013

On a mission

If you are as old as me, you will remember the colour 'mission brown'.  It was the colour du jour of the seventies and early eighties.  I recently saw mission brown described as follows:

“The only safe way to approach the colour ‘mission brown’ is either with a heat gun or a wrecking bar… it is that dangerous. Painting over it just hides the horror. The horror remains. Lurking.”

“When I see it I must confess to a wave of overwhelming nausea. Perhaps it’s the work of aliens.”

It reminded me that lurking somewhere in the garage was this little brown stool which had received the mission brown treatment way back when.

So, to avoid an overwhelming nausea, I got out the chalk paint and immediately my little stool looked much happier.

Not content with that I made an attempt at transfer printing onto wood.  I got this graphic from The Graphics Fairy and I have to say my attempts were not a great success.    However, I think that the slightly very distressed look is not too bad on this little stool and gives it an aged appearance which suits its style.  A bit like its owner really.

Hopefully, there are no longer any horrors lurking.

1 comment:

Gillian said...

Such an improvement! You've made it beautiful. x