09 December 2013

Day four

Why do physios have to be so bouncy??  Yesterday she bounced in here as though she had just bounced off the netball court, full of youth and good health. After getting me to "scooch" up the bed (scooch???) she taught me some new exercises to add to the already tortuous regime I am trying to undertake. Then she bounced out of my room with the promise of a visit to the gym tomorrow. GYM!!! I can hardly wait. Doesn't she know that I have a lump of lead hanging off my body and the gym is the last place I want to go.  I must sound like a very grumpy old lady whereas I am actually very grateful for the wonderful care I am receiving and every day the lump of lead gets a little lighter.  I am even taking little strolls on my crutches up and down the corridor giving smiles of encouragement to my fellow sufferers.

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