08 December 2013

Day three

The physio who visited me today was much more determined and there was no way she was going to let me flop back on the bed just because my BP was low. We persevered and I did get manage to get on my feet and even managed a little walk around the room.  I had my first shower for three days and had my hair washed. That felt so good.  I never knew a little walk and a shower could be so exhausting so after all that activity I did flop back into bed for a little rest.  I brought a mountain of books and magazines with me to read but as yet have not made much headway into them.  I tend to fall asleep when I open a book.  I am trying to do my exercises, but sometimes they really HURT and they have taken away my DP. The good news is that they have also taken away all that spaghetti so I can scratch unencumbered.

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