20 September 2014

Slow progress

Wow, it has been a long time between posts.  When I last wrote I had just started radiation therapy and was not feeling too bad.  Things went rapidly down hill not long after that and  I reached my lowest point shortly thereafter.  However, that is now all behind me and I am beginning to feel stronger.  I am still undergoing chemo and will be for the next five months.  The good news is that I have it only once a month instead of weekly and, so far, I am coping with it well.  My hair is beginning to grow back for which I am very grateful as the weather is getting warmer and scarves and wigs are hot to wear in warmer weather.  I am hoping that I will need neither in a few months' time.  Every day I run my hands over my head hoping to detect a little more growth, but it seems so slow and I am impatient.

In the sewing room, activity has slowed to a crawl, although I do have two quilts which have been sandwiched and basted and are ready to be quilted.  

The first is a very modern quilt which has been pieced using the improvisational method - something I haven't tried before and which I enjoyed.

The second quilt is a more traditional quilt which I am making for the little girls and which I will quilt in large stitches using thick cotton thread.

All I need is my sewing mojo which seems to have deserted me.  Like my hair, I am looking forward to its return.

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Marjie said...

Your mojo is only resting and will soon wake up. But to have made such progress on the new quilt, which is just gorgeous already, tells me that your creative juices are still flowing! Well done.