29 November 2006

Moving Forward

I have been a bit remiss about keeping this blog updated. In other areas, however, I have been busy. Other than Saturday afternoon when, for the price of an iced coffee, Mum, J and I sat on the banks of the Swan River and admired this view.

I received instant gratification by helping A & M to lay their new front lawn. The day before this area was a mess of sand and reticulation pipes and after only a few hours work we transformed it into an oasis. Sometimes this instant world we live in is very satisfying.

But I am most proud of my efforts at the sewing machine - ten cushions and four door stops - things are coming together nicely. A and I also made three wall hangings but they are at A's house and I didn't photograph them so can't show you yet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What lovely cushions - you have been busy!
i am loving hearing about your life and look forward to each new instalment - keep the writing up!