05 March 2007

Market Day

We survived! The day didn't get off to a great start when my alarm failed to go off and I overslept. Fortunately John woke me and I managed to get myself ready before Mandy and Michael arrived just after 6.30am. The drive up into the hills was nerve-wracking to say the least as our stomachs were churning the entire way. However by the time we arrived in Kalamunda, found our site and set ourselves up, the butterflies were banished and we thought: well we made it, now what will be will be, let's just enjoy the experience. And enjoy it we did. We had incredible support from family and friends who all arrived to cheer us on. At times our stall was so busy and noisy with laughter it was as though we were having a party. The cake came from the nearby "Cup Cake Lady" who was doing a roaring trade. A large percentage of her cakes seemed to finish up back at our stall.
The feedback we received from all the people who saw our products was really positive. In fact a few people came back to the stall more than once just so they could keep looking (and in some cases buying). While we didn't sell a huge amount, we sold enough to make the day worthwhile. However the most exciting part of the whole day was the contacts and leads we received from people in the industry. I can't say more at the moment, but will write further about this in the future.
The days leading up to Saturday were buzzing with activity. Mandy and Michael developed these wonderful swing tags for our products, each of which now has a name and a little story to go with it. We also took loads of photos of everything.
By the way, someone was brave enough to buy and wear the orange hat and it looked stunning on her.

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