12 March 2007


After the frenzy of activity leading up to the market, there has been a significant reduction in production – basically because we have run out of fabric. Remember this?
It now looks like this.
Last week Mandy was travelling and I spent most of my time trying not to melt. The temperature reached over 40 degrees several days in a row. One of these days was the hottest March day in Perth on record. Who said there was no global warming! Hopefully these scorching temperatures are now behind us and we will be enjoying delightful Autumn days for a few months.

We have heard from our fabric supplier that, after a wait of many months, our new fabric has arrived in Melbourne and is ready to be shipped to us. The plan is that faced with such an abundance of fabric, the creative juices will start to flow and new products will be developed and produced. We also have lots of leads to pursue following the market, but don’t know whether we should do this now or wait until we have our own fabric range to work with (that should be “with which to work” but it sounds a bit pompous). If I was still working as a PA, I would have changed that sentence without a moment’s hesitation. But, joy of joys, I am not working as a PA, I am working with fabric and soon will have lots of it with which to work!

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Marjie said...

You make me laugh! You will have lots of ideas when you have the fabric of which you can work!! I love seeing the little chair too - so pleased Mandy didn't throw it out!
Well done, lol