16 March 2007

Pleasures and Frustrations

This is my new toy. She is so lovely and has incredible functions which make my other poor old Janome look very ancient in comparison. It is going to be so much fun getting to know her. At the moment I am all fingers and thumbs when I try to do anything with her, but I hope to overcome that very quickly. I have an hour’s lesson next week at Janome and will need to play with her for a bit before then so that I can write down all my questions, of which I am sure there will be plenty.

I was going to do some sewing this afternoon, but it has been a terrible few days as far as technology goes. I seem to have spent all my time talking to the help desks of various service providers. Wireless internet connections have been disappearing, my emails have all been bouncing back, telephone lines have been misbehaving and cameras have been taking the most awful pictures. It might be safer for every piece of equipment in this house if I stay right away from anything containing hard discs, chips or cables until whatever bad karma is surrounding me at the moment decides to leave me alone. There is a stack of ironing waiting for me so I will do that. With my luck today the iron will probably burn out or I will scorch the clothes.

The Japanese windflowers have started to bloom so it must be Autumn. The temperature, however, has not cooled very much and I am beginning to look forward to some cooler days and nights.

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