06 March 2007


I have a new found respect for photographers. The beautiful photos we see in lifestyle magazines look so effortless and make me think "I can do that". Not so! In trying to take photos of our products we have learned, among other things, about the importance of light. If we go outside in the daylight, the harshness of the hot summer sum seems to bleach the colour out of everything. If we try to photograph indoors we have to wait for just the right moment and time of day when the light is good and it can change from minute to minute. Even as we are taking the photo we can have a nice soft 'white' light and then it suddenly becomes yellow. Surprisingly to me, using a flash does not give a good result.
Yesterday we were trying to take some photos of our cushions outdoors and this is what we resorted to in order to keep the harsh sun at bay. We have a lot to learn!

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Marjie said...

Congratulations, bravo etc etc! Don't worry, the photos are very, very good, despite lighting difficulties. I loved the quilt photo too! Will you go to the next market?
PS Love your work!!!