26 March 2007

New Arrivals

Two large boxes have arrived containing our new fabrics and, as I expected, this has stimulated the creativity. Never before have I had complete bolts of fabric to play with and I feel like a child in a lolly shop with all these choices.

The first thing Mandy and I did with this abundance of fabric was to make these little fabric ‘tiles’. These are the first of our new wall art products and look stunning on the wall above her fireplace. I like them so much I am going to make some for my own walls. This will probably necessitate giving the walls a coat of paint in order to provide an appropriate background. John doesn’t know this yet and might have something to say, but just one feature wall shouldn’t be too disruptive – should it?

As beautiful and complementary as they are with the poppy cushions, these new arrivals are here much too early….
.....or is it just me who thinks that it doesn’t seem right to have hyacinths in early Autumn?

1 comment:

Marjie said...

So happy to read more of your blog. The fabrics look beautiful as do the wall tiles. I would love to make them too! As for a feature wall, Mike is not enthusiastic - think moi will have to get the paint out!