01 April 2007

Hey pesto!

The garden is starting to get that “end of summer” look, except for the basil which looks wonderful and has me thinking of making lots of pesto to freeze for use during the winter months.
I also have a good crop of swiss chard and rocket, both of which we have been enjoying this week.
I love the beautiful red stems of the swiss chard which make such a great contrast with the green of the leaves. It also looks so much more interesting than silver beet and, in my opinion, tastes better as well.

Speaking of the end of summer, I really thought it had come last week as we had some beautiful crisp autumn mornings and were able to sleep under more than just a sheet at night. I began to think about wearing warm clothes again, the enjoyment of which had not yet been dampened by the feeling of winter bulk and added kilos. However, I was too premature. The crisp mornings have gone, the doona has been thrown off again and the temperature is predicted to soar to 38 degrees over Easter. It seems that summer is not done with us yet.

From hey pesto to hey presto. The website is now up and running. I think Mandy wishes it had all been done by magic as it has given her a few headaches. As she has never designed and published a website before, I think she has done an incredible job. Janet’s help with all the graphics was invaluable.

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Marjie said...

Wow and more wow, my darlings!
Congratulations to all of you on your most wonderful website. It really is very, very good and so easy and pleasant to follow.
I will spread the word, don't you worry!!