17 April 2007

Changing Seasons

At last autumn has arrived and what better way to celebrate than by a visit to Woollylatte's (I wish they hadn't used that annoying unnecessary apostrophe). Woollylatte's what I always ask myself. The leaves on the trees have not yet started to change colour, but that never happens in Perth until very late in the season. The days are sunny and warm, however the evenings are wonderfully cool and perfect for curling up with a new knitting project. This is a Jo Sharp pattern using her silk road aran and DK Tweed, a blend of wool, silk and cashmere and beautiful to knit with.
I haven't knitted myself something to wear (other than scarves) for years and for some reason it makes me feel very virtuous. I don't know why because you can't really say you are saving money by knitting your own garments. It must be the satisfaction of being able to say 'I made it'.

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