20 April 2007


It has been so long since I knitted myself a garment, I forgot the most basic of rules - tension. I got this far before it occurred to me that my knitting felt a little loose and, sure enough, when I checked my tension I was miles out. A quick dash to Woollylatte's (with the annoying apostrophe), to see if anything could be done before I pulled it off the needles, revealed what I suspected - start again. So I am back to the beginning.
The helpful lady I spoke to did give me a very useful hint. To remove the kinks in the wool after I had undone my work, she advised me to make a loose hank of wool winding from hand to elbow and then hold the steam iron over the hank. The kinks unravelled like magic in the steam. I am probably the only person in universe who does not know this, but I was impressed.

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Marjie said...

My you have knittted so quickly! I am still knitting a most boring jumper I began about 5 years ago! I am determined to finish it this year but it most likely will never be worn!I didn't know the secret of un kinking wool either!! Lol!