02 April 2007

The sales team

I put my 87 year old mother on a plane to Sydney last Saturday. She is off to catch up with family and friends in New South Wales and Queensland. She insisted that she take with her some cut cloth products so we put a few items in her luggage. She rang me this morning to say that she has sold everything but one belt and so the salesgirl of the week award goes to Granny. What a star!
While the sales team has been doing its thing interstate (Mandy is also on a very brief interstate trip), I have been spending my time sewing cushions and getting to know my new Janome. She is so clever. Her wonderful functions such as needle up/down, knee lift for the sewing foot, automatic needle threader, dozens of stitches to select etc etc all make my other old girl look like a dinosaur. These are functions which have probably been on machines for years, but she has given me such good service I did not feel the need to upgrade until I started to do some research and realised what I had been missing. In fact, she is so clever I can't help looking for the buttons which say 'cushion', 'bag', or 'belt' and all I do is push one of them and Janome produces the finished product. Now that would be something!

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