11 June 2007

Housework - or the lack of it!

Those pretty little dogs I bought on our shopping trip reminded me of a time when I was mad about miniatures and would buy anything if it was tiny. I have an old printer's frame in which I keep all these purchases, not to mention a box to house the overflow, but I am a bit 'over it' now and, although it still hangs on the wall, I rarely look at it. However, I thought I might get some interesting photos from it so I took a few shots. When I downloaded them to the computer I was horrified - just look at the dust and cobwebs. If you click on these photos to enlarge them, it is even more horrific. Clearly, I should have been at home with the duster instead of having an unethical shopping trip. However, I know which I would rather be doing.
Some years ago, the English writer Shirley Conran wrote a book called Superwoman, which was aimed at busy women, and she coined the phrase 'Life is too short to stuff a mushroom' ... Well I think that life is too short to stay home dusting roosters!

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