09 June 2007


I had a wonderful time shopping with the girls today. We lunched and shopped, drank coffee and shopped some more. It was so much fun. They spent lots of money and ended up with many shopping bags. I was a bit more restrained and finished the day with only one small bag (the little one at the end). Sometimes I think it is more fun watching other people spend money because that way you get all (well almost all) the enjoyment without any of the guilt. I wonder why we feel guilty about spending money on ourselves. I know I always do and wish I didn't. Later in the day I heard someone on the radio talking about "ethical shopping". I had missed most of the conversation so I am not sure of the exact context, but I can imagine that they were referring to shoppers not buying something because it had too much packaging; its production had been harmful to the environment; it was a frivolous item and not necessary, etc etc. I know that we all have to be more aware of the environment and climate change and perhaps we should all be more ethical shoppers, but I hope that shopping is not going to become such a guilt trip, that all the fun goes out of it.
Speaking of frivolous items, I was not an ethical shopper when I saw these little cuties. Our family has always had dogs and I really love them. About a year ago, our last one died and we decided to have a break from pets for a while. It is proving to be a challenge and when we go out walking I am a serial dog patter. When we go to the local shops I have to look away when we walk past the pet shop because if one of those fluffy bundles catches my eye then I know I will not be able to resist and it will come home with me. But today, when these sugary faces caught my eye there was no stopping me. I felt very unethical and full of guilt when I ate one, but it tasted good!

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