25 November 2007


The last thing I did before leaving the country was to fill my trug with lavender in the hope that its perfume would have the calming effect for which it is known. The reason I feel the need for calm is that we are off to market again. This was certainly not planned, but when we were at the Subiaco Craft Fair we were handed some information about the George Street Festival. George Street is a heritage street in East Fremantle and an Artisans' Market is held as part of its annual Festival. Although I liked the idea, it was obvious that Mandy was not able to take on such an activity so when Melissa offered to do it with me it seemed a great opportunity. We still have product so, apart from topping up a few items, there is not a lot of work to be done, everything is still in boxes from the last market and it is just a matter of loading up the car and setting off. A no brainer really!

Please don't let it be hot!

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