16 November 2007

Getting the hang of relaxation

I wish it was possible to scratch the screen to release the perfume of the honeysuckle. It is filling the garden with the most beautiful aromas.

I think I have reached a happy compromise. I work in the garden for a while and then retreat to the shade of the verandah to read a few pages of my book and to renew my energy then, restored, I can go back to work.

I am surrounded by very un-city like scents and sounds which combine to make me think I am relaxing. Certainly the droning of the bees amongst the flowers is a very relaxing sound and as I work in the garden I can hear in the background the distant hum of the tractor bringing in the hay. It has a very soothing sound and conjures up pleasant images of replenishing the hayshed before the hot, dry summer months set in and the green grass disappears.

Next to the back door there is an enormous pot of rosemary.
Out in the paddocks there are lots of these:
Mmmmmmm makes you think. Only kidding! While I was picking some rosemary in the evening to go with dinner (not lamb), I found this beautiful little bug. She seemed very relaxed considering I was poking a camera into her territory. If she can do it, so can I.

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