18 March 2008

Easter time

I have never really gone in for Easter decorations. There is quite enough decorating going on at Christmas time to satisfy me. However, when I saw these pretty Easter things I couldn't resist them, particularly the blue and white eggs. I painted a small tree branch and hung the eggs from it and, voila, it feels like Easter, even though it is so early this year and still so hot.

Speaking of Easter, have you tried these M & M speckled eggs? Melissa told me about them and I rather wish she hadn't. I put them out on a dish to join the other decorations but they are definitely not going to last until Easter. It is just too easy to pop one or two into my mouth every time I walk past them and they are quite delicious.

1 comment:

of paper & thread said...

Love your easter decorations...

and those M & M speckled eggs do look very tempting!