25 February 2009

Harlequin quilt

I finished my lovely (even if I do say so myself) quilt several weeks ago, but was unable to think of an appropriate name for it. As I was staring at it waiting for inspiration, my eyes were drawn to the diamond shapes in the binding and some of the blocks and it came to me - Harlequin. So Harlequin it is and off to the park next to the lake we went to take some photos.

I have had a long held ambitition to throw a quilt over the branch of a big tree and take its photo.

As there is a shortage of large trees in my postage stamp-sized garden I was very happy when I spotted this lovely big branch at a height which I could reach without having to scale the tree (which would not have been a good look!).

Interesting how the green of the park really brings out the greens in the quilt.

All the fabrics are from the 'Swell' range by Moda. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them and I think a lot of others must have too because they are now very hard to find.


stephanie said...

Your quilt looks great im just a learner quilter and love checking out other peoples work looks great and am a fan of moda as well.

Lisa said...

This is so pretty!

You and I must be fabric soul-sisters.

I love this line, too. I wish I could get an entire bolt of the red gingham that you used in the binding!