27 February 2009

Three Ps

Three exotic plants beginning with 'p' have come into my life this week.

The first was a bunch of lovely proteas from Melissa & Stewart's garden.

I love getting up really close to flowers - it is almost like looking into their souls - and it is incredible what can be seen.

The second was the beautiful, weird, stunning (take your pick of adjective), Sturt's Desert Pea which is flowering now in Kings Park.

And the third exotic was a pomegranate which I bought yesterday.

I have eaten pomegranate before, but have never bought one and prepared it myself. I couldn't believe how many seeds were nestled inside.

These little pink jewels explode in your mouth with the most delicious fresh taste. Here is my bounty all ready to be sprinkled over tonight's salad. They work equally well in a green salad or a fruit salad.

We probably should be eating them with a middle eastern dish, but tonight we are having the salad with an eggplant parmagiana.


Marjie said...

Oh it (the quilt) is just so beautiful, like the person who created it. Well done!!

Meg said...

Pomegranite is my very favourite fruit, I adore them. When you halve the fruit it looks like jewelry.

katiecrackernuts said...

The Sturts Desert Pea is stunning. Do you know whether the plants can be bought commercially?