01 June 2009

Gelato Ripple

When I made my first ripple blanket I had no idea that I would create ripple envy. Mandy has been giving it covetous glances for a while, more so now that the evenings are getting cooler. As I enjoyed the process so much last time, I agreed to make a few more waves and off to the shops we went. We came home with a bag full of beautifully bright coloured yarn which remind me of being in an Italian gelateria.

Now I have ripple envy and will find it difficult to part with this gelato ripple when it is finished.


Marjie said...

Please, please teach me how! I did try but gave up - maybe when i am retired and not so tired I will be able to concentrate!

Anonymous said...

It is looking lovely. I can't wait to see the first rows with the full spectrum!! What a lucky thing i am..

Meg said...

Oh Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I want one of these too. Ripple envy? I've got full on Di envy going on over here in Victoria. Look out or the big green eyed monster will bite ;)