25 January 2012

Hearts and flowers

If I thought the embroidery on the Vignette mystery quilt was challenging, it is nothing compared to the applique panels which make up the centre of the quilt. I have not yet finished the embroidery, but it is good to have a break from it and do something different. I have cut out 60 daisy petals, 42 one inch circles, 46 leaves and 8 hearts all of which now have to be stitched in place.
But first they all have to be pressed. I am using the spray starch method as I doubt if my needle turn applique skills are up to the job.
It is 40 degrees outside today so it is a perfect day to be inside in front of the air conditioner drinking iced tea and making hearts and flowers.

1 comment:

Marjie said...

Just fabulous! Gorgeous colours and fabric choices too. This quilt will be 'catalogue material' Di! (an inside joke for anyone else reading this!) You are a wonderful inspiration to us all.